Sapa Tour: Unique to Vietnam


A tour to Sapa, a highland region in the northwest of Vietnam, is definitely worthwhile due to Sapa’s unique beauty.  Going on holiday to Sapa may become a memorable experience when you find it different from any other lands in Vietnam you have visited.  Climate, nature and people here all feature Sapa a distinctive destination.
Sapa’s location which challenges your tour greatly differentiates Sapa’s weather from that of other places in the northern Vietnam. Sapa is located at an altitude of approximately 1,500 metres above the sea level, which contributes to its subtropical climate in summer and temperate climate in winter, instead of monsoon tropical – the typical climate of the North.


Taking a tour to Sapa in summer, you do not need to have bothers with extreme heat which is commonplace throughout the North of Vietnam, because the average temperature of Sapa is always 5 to 10 Celsius degree lower.  And if fortunate, you may come across a snow-covered Sapa in winter, which is usually not supposed to happen to a country with typically tropical climate like Vietnam.  A quick tour to Sapa, a remote mountainous region to the northwest of Hanoi, will leave you with a freshening feeling.
Sapa’s nature is generously endowed with spectacular scenery with towering mountains shrouded in mist and terraced rice fields curving around the hills.  A Sapa tour with a wide range of adventure selections including hiking and trekking, biking, motorcycling and overland touring will get you out of the hustle and bustle of big cities.  Your Sapa tour is even much more worthwhile if you can take it at the right moment of the year – when Sapa is the most overwhelmingly majestic – in spring and autumn.  When spring comes, Sapa seems to be embellished by hundreds of colourful flowers.  And it is on autumn, especially in September, that terraced fields in Sapa are covered with a glossy yellow of ripe crops.  Visit and admire, then you will acknowledge why Sapa has been listed in Top 11 most beautiful terraces in the world by the famous travel magazine Travel and Leisure (US).

People in Sapa also have their own features and traditions.  Most of them are ethnic minorities, instead of Kinh – the major ethnic in Vietnam, so they lead simple lives without television, internet and restaurant that you can hardly imagine and find amazing.  Their tradition and customs enrich their lives.  Your Sapa tour, therefore, is not just to see how spectacular the nature is, but also to figure out how exciting to you the residents’ lives are.  Perhaps, what interests you is the method by which clothes are traditionally dyed or by which knives are sharpened.

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