An organization for today, a community for tomorrow: 
Thon Tha Responsible Tourism Cooperative

With our heart deep in the highlands of the Ha Giang province of Northern Vietnam, we are Thôn Tha Responsible Tourism Cooperative, a local social business.  This social enterprise for community development was founded by the Tay ethnic minority community in Thôn Tha, brought together in 2014 by our common life ambition to help the local communities access a better life and to provide authentic responsible experiences in Vietnam.

We have been carrying out tourism projects in various remote areas in Northern Vietnam since 2014, and have progressively changed the local lives through the years.

What we do :

  • Reduce poverty, create along-term sustainable vision for local people to be able to continue their work, and provide a working example for others tourism providers around the world.
  • Create job opportunities for the local people through some services like: homestay, tourism activities: trekking, motorbiking, volunteering,…
  • Preserve traditional cultural values.  I.E. local farmers do not need to give up their farming work to join groups of street vendor sellers like in some famous places, which has damaged the image of Vietnamese people and Vietnam in the eyes of our international friends.
  • Provide an authentic Vietnam travel experience for our friends from around the world, by taking them into the heart of local Vietnam.
  • Develop as a social enterprise.

We received many supports from some Non-profit organizations and social enterprises in Vietnam who helps us to do marketing and train us to become the local guides. From then we can earn more and buy more furniture, food for our own families. Our life is improving day by day thanks to this wonderful project. Thanks to YESD social enterprise and V4D non-profit organization who supported us too much until now. 

It all starts with the local people.  The authenticity of an experience can only go as deep as the authenticity of the hearts of those involved in the experience itself.  Poverty and isolation from the developing world are leaving many rural communities with no other choice but to change their ways of life, and leave behind the traditions and customs which have sustained them and their ancestors for centuries.  With members of our organization coming from Vietnam, Europe, Northern Asia, Australia, North America and more, we couldn’t understand anymore the importance of preserving the cultures that make our international community so diverse and colorful.  Fighting to reduce poverty, providing better educational opportunities, furnishing unaffordable necessities to survive in ever-changing climate of North Vietnam, and promoting Responsible Tourism… those are only a handful of things we are striving for day in and day out to help sustain the life and authenticity of Ha Giang and others provinces.  The best part is, you can help, and everyone together can make a difference!

How to support us?

Book a tour

Meet and support the local life while experiencing an authentic Vietnam.

Buy our handicraft

The Tay minority can transform bamboo and other plants into beautiful accessories.


Donate to our community fund and contribute to improve the local’s quality of life.