Sapa Homestays

Sapa is well-known for both its fine, spectacular scenery and also its rich cultural diversity. If trekking is your thing, why not spend  a two or three day experience incorporating homestays in the villages of your choice. What better way to expose yourself to the cultures and color of Vietnam’s ethnic minorities on a trek through terraced rice paddies, bamboo groves and traditional villages all in the shadow of Fansipan Peak.

YESD works in association with a number of host families throughout the Hoang Lien Son Mountain range and each village has something different to offer.  Our homestay partnerships lied in YESD‘s missions to promote and support responsible travel.  From the popular Ta Van homestays to the quiet and remote village of Ban Ho village, each homestay has a different feel, but all offer the traveller a rare sight into the way of life that has all but vanished from the rest of Asia. Here you will find no welcome mats or rehearsed “cultural” parades, just real people living real lives who greet visitors with genuine warmth and real smiles.

YESD has two homestays here.  You can choose homestay of the Giay people in Ta Van village and the Tay homestay in Ban Ho village. When you choose this local experience that means you don’t mind to be awoken early by roosters or the families livestock. Even visitors are always welcomed to do farming with their family such as working on the field, buffalo tenders, cooking. Let see which homestay is suitable for you.

Sapa Accomodation

Ta Van Homestay

After a long day trekking from Sapa town to Ta Van  village, homestay is the best place for whom loves local breathe and local lifestyle to take a rest. Let ask somebody to go to Mr.San’s Homestay or Mrs.Mui’s homestay that is one of the first homestays be opened here since 2003. It does not look like a guesthouse or a lodge, just a simple traditional house of the Giay ethnic minority people. Don’t expect to have a bathroom with a big bathtub or a luxury bedroom with a super big bed and super thick mattress. Everything sounds very basic, but that is comfortable enough with delicious meals and an easy-going host family. You can share your meal with the family if you want to get insight into their local life. 

Nowhere you can feel like at home like when you stay here with this so sweet family. In front of your homestay that is mountain and rice field view, wake up in a peaceful countryside and even you can swim in a stream nearby your homestay with other locals. They have 2 western-style toilets, a traditional kitchen and sleep on a bed like in those below photos.

Ban Ho Homestay

Sapa is the land of rich ethnic cultures from this village to another village. In Ta Van village, you experience the Giay’s lifestyle cultures, but in Ban Ho visitors will find a different cultural identities by spending a time with a local host. Here you will find a YESD‘s homestay that follows responsible tourism guidelines to preserve their disappearing cultures and deal with poverty reduction. Dao A Thanh homestay is a very beautiful, clean and large homestay. Their family is the Tay ethnic minority people with 3 generations of 7 members living together. Mr.Thanh opened his homestay 10 years ago and since then his homestay has been collected with many good feedbacks from guests.

That is a traditional wooden house with 2 floors, the 1st floor for the family and the 2nd floor for their distinguished guests. Toilets and bathroom with western styles are available here. Dining out space is very clean and comfortable with the rice field view in front. In the Tay house, guests will live like a local, sleep on a mattress on the floor covering by a mosquito net. And WIFI is always available here apart from power off. Even you can hang out with your nice host by a shot of “happy water” in meals. They are always happy to communicate with you by those kinds of shot.

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