Thon Tha – Ha Giang Homestays

YESD Social Enterprise has supported Thon Tha village in Phuong Do, by opening Ha Giang Homestays since 2015. Thon Tha Village Homestay is an attractive destination not only to domestic tourists but also to international tourists. It is an ancient village with 100% of the population of the Tay minority people, who live in traditional stilt houses. By implementing a responsible tourism project, YESD desires to bring the local breath to every visitors visiting Vietnam. One of our local products that is Thon Tha homestay where visitors will experience authentic culture with the Tay ethnic minnority people.

We help local people to establish the Thon Tha Responsible Tourism Cooperative in order to

  • Reduce poverty, a long-term sustainable vision for continuing their work, and provide a working example for others tourism providers around the world.
  • Create job opportunities for the local people through some services like: homestay, tourism activities: trekking, motorbiking, volunteering,…
  • Preserve traditional cultural values. And local farmers do not need to give up their farming work to join groups of street vendor sellers like in some famous places, that damaged the image of Vietnamese people and Vietnam in the eyes of international friends.
  • Develop as a social enterprise.

We do not want to change our homestay into a luxury hotel or guesthouse, but we would like to keep its indigenous culture so that our tourists can enjoy a real local breath and valuable experience. There are 3 homestays of Ha Giang Responsible Tourism Cooperative.

Thon Tha, Ha Giang Accommodation

Mr Thien’s Thon Tha Homestay

Mr.Thien was born in 1982 in Thon Tha village where he lives with his wife, son and little daughter. He is the Tay ethnic minority people and the president of Ha Giang Responsible Tourism Cooperative. During his hard childhood, he lived under the poor condition with his large family and had to face to Vietnam Border War. If you would like to know more about Vietnam war, he will tell you by his basic English and funny body language. He has opened a homestay to every tourist, which brought more income to his family. His family is very easy to find, near Tha village road and surrounding by rice fields and limestone mountains. His wife cooks so well and is so friendly. She always keeps her smile on her face. Surely you will have unforgettable memories here with this sweet family.

Mr. Nghiem and Mrs. Đựng’s Homestay

Mr.Nghiem or Mrs.Đựng’s family is the same one. She is one of the most studious students in YESD’s English class here. Even if she cannot study English well because now she has been nearly 65 already, she joined her English class everytime. We love her very much. Although she struggles to interact with foreigner, she’s always happy to try. Just open your heart and you will understand everything. But don’t worry you can use Google translate with her (FREE WIFI is available here). She always tries her best to support you. You will feel very happy with this funny host.

Mr. Cay’s Thon Tha Homestay

Mr Cay lives with his wife, mother, son and grandson, making home to four generations of a happy family. He might not be the best at english, but his friendliness and generosity will warm your heart. Mr Cay’s homestay can offer you a simple bed in a dorm or a private bungalow for more comfort. It is also the only accomodation in Thôn Tha offering traditional herbal bath, famous in Vietnam for its healing virtues.

If you need more supports, contact us at 24/7 hotline: 0084-903-493-391 or sending an email to

Ha Giang Responsible Tours bring you into the local breathe.