Sapa trekking: An exhilarating experience

Sapa, a small town in the mountainous area of northwestern Vietnam, is an absolutely ideal place for trekking.  Sapa’s nature is endowed with breath-taking scenery featured by uneven terrain, which is not too dangerous to explore but challenging enough to amaze you.  Sapa trekking journeys are not only about to go from hills to hills to see how the terrains vary in each area, but to also discover daily lives of local minor ethnic people who have long-standing traditions and customs established to adapt to Sapa nature.

dndtYou can start your trek from either Sapa town or a local village.  The accompaniment of a local guide who understands the terrain like the back of his hand is highly recommended for your safety. Your trekking itinerary mostly includes trials leading you up and down, up and down hills that curve and cut through many farming houses, paddy fields and tiny ethnic-tribe villages.  Sometimes, you can stop for a short while to take in Sapa’s picturesque scenery of the many mountains.  All of the local villages in Sapa are interleaved with hills and mountains and lie along the paths you are following, so it is not a bad idea to pay them a visit.

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After an arduous trekking time, you will want to stay here for a while.  The Sapa locals are ethnic minorities whose lifestyle and tradition are undoubtedly strange to you, and their daily activities cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.  You may be astonished by traditional methods of weaving and dying clothes, or sharpening knives, or may ask them to allow you to take part in their farming work.  If you are interested in spending one or some nights staying at their homes, you are always welcomed and treated with lavish hospitality.  And if fortune, you may get a chance to drink homemade rice wine, or ruou can, a specialty of the minorities in the northwest of Vietnam.  And don’t be surprised as you meet a local, even a child, speak English so fluently.

There is a number of Sapa trekking tour choices for travellers varying in levels.  Sapa easy trekking and medium trekking of different length are particularly suitable for travellers who have limited time, but still offers them unique chances to admire Fansipan Peak – “The roof of Indochina”.  In case you can stay here as long as possible, do not hesitate to opt for Sapa hard trekking itinerary which includes climbing to the top of Fansipan for three days.  This is the most radical challenge confronting every travellers.

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