The Ha Giang province is the home to a population of around 700,000 people, over 90% of which lives in rural areas, and is one of the poorest provinces in Vietnam. Covering a total of more than 2,300 kilometres, Dong Van Karst Plateau in Ha Giang province is located at an altitude of over 1,000 metres and belongs to four districts – Dong Van, Meo Vac, Yen Minh and Quan Ba. There are now over 17 ethnic minority groups with 250,000 residents, of which Mong ethnic people account for 70% of the population.

The people of the Ha Giang province are compromised of many ethnic groups, as stated above, however a unique characteristic to the province is that it is home to a majority of the Tay people in Vietnam, Vietnam’s second largest ethnic group after the Viet majority.  The population of Ha Giang has about one million inhabitants. In particular, the urban population is over 100,000 people. The Hmong ethnic groups (representing 32.0% of the population), Tay (23.3%), Dao (15.1%), Viet (13.3%), Nung (9.9%). 


The Tay people


The H’Mong people

cong troi

The Yao people

 HG7  At-the-pig-market-Ha-Giang-Nhiem-photography  Lanh Lung Tam Ha Giang

The Lolo people


The Pa Then people


The Phu La people

nguoi giay

The Giay people


The La Chi people


The Nung people

 cao-ngiuyennnnnnnn  Cao-nguyen-da-Dong-Van  cột cờ lũng cú

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