Our Local Guides

YESD is a foundation and social enterprise for community development. We have carried out tourism projects in remote areas in Northern Vietnam since 2014. Follow our projects at http://www.hagiang-responsibletourism.com to see how YESD‘s projects are changing local lives. These are Tay ethnic people who are poor farmers, woodmen, fishermen and can not speak English. They have a strong desire to improve their life when many international tourists come to visit their beautiful village.

These guides were once farmers and now are our local guides:

Nguyen Duc Van


Văn was born in the Tay village in Ha Giang in 1984. He has lived his entire life in the village and knows all the best places. He has great knowledge of all ritual activities and ancient culture. It will be a pleasure for him to show you his village and the surrounding areas. With his sense of humor you are sure to have a good time. Even though his English is limited, tourists understand what he wants to say by his funny body language.

Nguyen Van Thien

me thien

Thiện is the president of Thon Tha Responsible Tourism Cooperative. This kind man was born in 1984 in Ha Giang, he is an ethnic Tay. He had a tough childhood under poverty and war. Then, he joined the Vietnamese army and became a member of the Communist party. Overcoming many difficulties, he is one of the model leaders in the village. Now he is an English local guide -one language that he never thought he could learn.

Nguyen Van Lim

mr lim

Lim is an English lover. His English was very basic but always worked to learn this global language when there were English speakers in Ha Giang. When Thon Tha Responsible Tourism was established, Lim joined in our evening English class. You can see him with red T-shirt in our Tourism class in the photo. You will have a fun trip with him, he is our trekking tour guide in the village.


Giang Thi Lam 


Lam is a Black H’Mong local guide in Sapa. She speaks excellent English even though she does not know how to read and write both English and Vietnamese. She started to study English from tourists in Sapa since her childhood. Now she is a local guide with over 7 years of touring experience. She is working so she can afford to send her children to school. She is a friendly and hard-working guide.


Giang Thi Say


Say is one of YESD’s local guides in Sapa. She has taken care of her 7 siblings since her parents passed away when she was 10 years old. She has worked as an English local guide for 2 years. With her enthusiasm and knowledge you will travel like a real local. 



Giang Thi Chi


Chi  has over 8 years of tour guiding experience not only in Sapa but also throughout Northern Vietnam. She recently finished primary school because she was always too busy selling bracelets in order to support her family. Now she has her own family and wishes to support tourist homestays so she can afford school for her future baby. She is a great guide.


Our Hanoi guides are trained in English and Responsible Tourism skills by YESD Social Enterprise and our partners. They have good English skills and tourism knowledge as a result of YESD training. All come from different backgrounds but share the same passion to promote Vietnam to our international friends. Join our tour to experience the difference.

Mai Thi Thu Trang

Trang is our tour guide leader. She is full of energy with nearly 4 years experience as a tour guide in Northern Vietnam and over 1 year as a project assistant for a non-govermental organization in Ha Giang. Trang is now a tourism trainer in YESD. We are sure you will have a great day with her. 

Nguyễn Viết Cần

CanVietnam is beautiful and rich in culture as well as interesting history. I love my country than any other places in the world. As a YESD tour guide, I hope to show you the timeless charm of my fatherland.


Ma Thi Quỳnh Như

I’m from a Tay ethnic village in Thai Nguyen province. I’m studying at Law Faculty of Vietnam National University. But my traveling passion does not allow me stay in any office. If we travel together, I will show you how the traffic light in my Vietnam works and how to cross the road because I am a lawyer tour guide.

Phuong But Ngoc


If you come to Viet Nam I’ll show you my country! I’ll show you Viet Nam not only famous for wars but also a big civilazation made by small people, I will tell you more than you think because my mission is to bring Viet Nam to the world!


Trần Thị Hiền


Supporting visitors understand and have good feelings about Vietnam is the most important thing I want to do when I think about the work of a tourist guide because Vietnam is full of beautiful attractions and cultures. My teacher often said “doing tourism is easy but doing sustainable tourism is more difficult”, therefore, I want to become a person contributing to preserve our country’s beauty. At YESD, I can do it. Let’s enjoy such a meaningful tour with me.

Đỗ Thị Lệ


I think it’s so hard to create a better place to live and visit. Only me that is impossible but with all of us, I’m sure we could do it. I love this slogan of Responsible Tourism and love more our YESD doing jobs, which is towards Sustainable Tourism. Start from a small thing is to create a big things.


Lã Hạnh Phương
phuongI am a youth worker who loves to make her life responsibly and lively by making small goods things for the community. My friends would describe me as a sociable, dedicated and imaginative person. I always bear in mind that I would treat any foreign friends coming to Vietnam as I do to my besties. Because what I wish is to warmly welcome you for the second, third or thousands of times in my homeland Vietnam. So, please come over and have a good day with me!.

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